The pad of Dumpbuster Don and Pool Queen Ida, Christmas Eve '06.
Dumpbuster Don autographs his just-released 'Christmas Extravaganza' cd for a pair of star-struck admirers.
We wish Janett a fond farewell before her move to Portland, Oregon.  Photo by Kristin at Shakespeare's.  (Thanks, Krissie)
Our friend Bill Henceroth at the Timberlanes Lounge.
Acoustic bluesman Johnny Grimm at the Timberlanes Lounge.
There must have been some Magic in that old silk hat Dave found...
Beneath Mom's Christmas tree is a whole 'nother world.
This year, you could stand out front of Jonah's Boat Recovery and watch the Ice Skaters for hours... if you weren't much more than two inches tall.